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University of Ottawa

Model United Nations Association

Join us for the 2022-23 school year!

President: Lauren Wilkins
VP Communications: Layla Pasdernick

VP Delegate Coordinations: Cameron Cadogan

VP Finance: Maxim François

VP Internal: Raina Barara

VP Training: Darwin Pitts, Daniel Vorotyntsev

Secretary-General CAPMUN: Alaina Brunone

Director of Bilingualism: Omar Chtioui

Director of Equity: Suzanne Gruz

Director of Engagement: Elnaz Enayatpour

Director of IT:


About Us

The University of Ottawa Model United Nations Associations specialized in bringing the diplomatic world of the United Nations to our members through moderated simulations...     

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We strive to bring the international stage as close as possible for our students, where they can use their tact and negotiation skills to tackle some of the world's most critical conflicts. Our goal is to foster an inclusive, education,  competitive, and safe environment through training sessions, in-house conferences. Through these trainings and conferences, we aim to empower new generations of diplomatic leaders. These leaders, in turn, will represent the University of Ottawa at national and international conferences, where they will debate, create, and negotiate in an applied environment. The association offers external conferences as avenues to members as a way for them to discover academic growth, peaceful negotiation, and increased knowledge of the global citizen.


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