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RyeMUN 2021

Weekly Training Sessions

Training Sessions are what make the Association a strong, powerful and competent contender at many national external conferences. Our training sessions will ensure that members learn MUN procedure, debate practices and ethics. 

Check out all of our training dates and information about registration for online training on our Calendar!

Missed any training sessions?
Click below to get caught up!

Meeting Minutes

Our Executive works in tandem in the best interest of our members to provide social events, external conferences, and internal training events! We also work towards bettering our club, through our online and in-person presence and by supporting our members with our equity and bilingual-forward focus. 

We meet about once or twice a month. For transparency, we offer below all of our meeting minutes as a summary of what we discuss during meetings. 


Our Journal

Our journal is a collaborative blog where we accept submissions and ideas from our members! We write posts about world issues, conferences, and just doing Model UN!

Have an idea for a Journal article, or want to submit your very own? Submit your article below for our team to review for a chance to be featured!

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